Frequently Asked Questions

What makes NSU University School an Independent School?
There are approximately 2,000 independent schools in the United States. As part of the private school community, independent schools include coeducational and single-sex institutions as well as boarding and day schools. Independent schools meet high accreditation standards and have distinct missions. They do not receive financial support from the government or tax dollars. Instead, tuition payments, charitable contributions, and endowment revenue offer primary support to these institutions.
I pay tuition. Isn’t that enough?
Tuition does not cover the total cost of education and leaves a gap between tuition income and operating expenses. Independent schools have a long tradition of relying on the generosity of families, alumni, and friends to bridge that gap. NSU University School, like other independent schools, avoids raising tuition to close the gap for several reasons including two of the most important:
  • Depending on charitable gifts allows the school to keep tuition rates competitive with other schools in the community.
  • Tuition payments are not tax-deductible. Charitable contributions are. This allows a tax write-off on part of your education costs.
What is the difference between the Annual Fund and the Capital Campaign?
The Annual Fund directly affects the quality of the NSU University School program by bridging the gap between tuition and the school’s operating budget. It allows us to attract and retain the best faculty and provide the vital support needed for innovative and competitive academics, program enhancements, technology upgrades, campus maintenance, and other aspects that contribute to a superior educational experience. The fund is conducted yearly and covers the current year’s expenses. Capital campaigns are conducted only when significant funds are needed for growth. Our Capital Campaign has already enhanced our facilities and will continue to allow us to expand. The master plan includes new state-of-the-art facilities as part of a self-contained, pedestrian-friendly campus within the physical boundaries of Nova Southeastern University. Contributions to capital funds can be paid over several years.
If I contribute to one fund, does that mean that I am not expected to contribute to the other?
We truly hope that all families can find an appropriate level of support for both funds. The Annual Fund, as NSU University School’s only ongoing fundraising activity, is a priority because it provides funds for the immediate expenses necessary to maintain our high standards of education. However, capital fundraising is initiated only periodically and when it is necessary to fund the significant expenditures required to meet the changing needs and new challenges of the school community.
How much am I expected to contribute?
While we expect that each family should contribute an amount that is within their means, we hope that parents will make NSU University School a high philanthropic priority. Although our target gift is $250.00 per family, above all, we hope that all families find a way to participate. Please keep in mind that no gift is too small and we deeply appreciate all gifts.
Are all contributions tax-deductible?
Yes! NSU University School is a not-for profit, 501 (C) (3) organization under the federal IRS code. Therefore, all contributions, whether to the Annual Fund or Capital Fund are tax deductible.
Does our contribution go directly to University School or does the money go to Nova Southeastern University?
All gifts designated to NSU University School are restricted to NSU University School to benefit your child's education. Several desirable naming opportunities are still available. Please visit our naming opportunities page for more information or contact Victoria Rudd at (954) 262-4524 or to learn more.
There are other fundraising activities at NSU University School that I or my child is asked to contribute to. How do these fundraisers benefit NSU University School?
Many of these fundraising efforts are not initiated by NSU University School and do not benefit us directly. They may be student generated or initiated by a group or grade as community service projects such as the 4th grade Make-a-Wish project, the Middle School Relay for Life, and the Upper School’s involvement in numerous charities. While these activities do not benefit the school directly, they are consistent with the NSU University School mission of developing globally responsible students that provide service to others.
If I have any questions about my charitable contributions to NSU University School, who should I contact?
Please call Victoria Rudd, Campaign Director, at (954) 262-4524 or