College Counseling Philosophy

Counselors at University School believe that the college process is based upon individualism and self-reflection as students prepare for the next phase of their academic experience. Students can make the best possible college choices only when they know themselves well—when they thoroughly understand their strengths, goals, and personal style. We help facilitate this process. This is each student's journey to lead, while we serve as advocates and allies in guiding the search for the best college match. The student's proactive and thoughtful effort will ensure a successful journey and a candid self-assessment will result in addressing and meeting his/her needs. While it is important to realize how much of this process is within the student's control, it is as equally important to realize how much of this process will be beyond his/her control. The counselors will help the students to evaluate and understand those variables and how they will affect their candidacy. Decisions about where to apply, who to ask for recommendations, what to write about in essays are ultimately the student's. We expect students to remain in the driver's seat throughout the entire process. Ultimately, the students who are happiest throughout the college process are those who take the time to research and select schools that are best suited to their individual interests and needs, rather than focusing on college rankings.

Our counselors also serve as liaisons between University School students and colleges/universities. The relationships between this office and college admissions offices are of utmost importance and are founded on mutual respect, honesty, and professionalism. In order to keep these schools informed about the quality of a University School education, the counselors participate in local, state, and national professional organizations and conferences. This contributes to our ability to meet the needs of all University School students.

The college counseling portion of the University School website is designed to assist our students and parents in the college search. We have included a wealth of information, but we hope that you also feel free to contact us with questions that are beyond the scope of the website.

Our counselors are members of NACAC (National Association for College Admissions Counseling) and adhere to the NACAC. Click here to review a Statement of Students' Rights and Responsibilities in the College Admission Process.