British Universities

Most British Universities require students to apply using the Universities & Colleges Admissions Service ( UCAS) forms (, which is similar to the CA. The UCAS application is available online, and students can apply to up to 5 universities on UCAS. It is very important to review each individual university application form and deadlines( they are all different). While some schools in the British system ( St.Andrew’s) use a “rolling admission” process, it is recommended that students submit application materials as early as possible. As a general rule, students should apply to British universities by October 15th.


British Universities typically assess students based on their standardized test scores. U.S. applicants should expect to submit the SAT 1 or ACT and up to 5 AP exams (depending on the university), and/or three to four SAT Subject Tests depending on which university and program they are applying to.


  1. By early August before senior year: select a maximum of 5 universities.
  2. Select a major at each school.
  3. Visit the webpage on each school’s website for the major to determine:
    • Qualifications: how many AP’s, Subject Tests, SAT’s and ACT’s are required? Minimum scores?
    • Whether there is a required exam. Examples: LNAT for law, BMAT for medicine, HAT for History. Registration deadlines for these tests may be as early as mid-August or early September.
    • Register for any required exams. The latest deadline is October 15.
    • Some majors/courses have UCAS deadlines earlier than applications to most of the other courses.
    • Check to see if any schools have any written requirements. Some majors/courses require the submission of papers or require a written test if you are offered an interview.
    • Teacher letters of recommendations must be submitted with the application.


Successful candidates would typically have SAT CR and Math test scores of at least 700, and an ACT with a score of least 32 out of 36. Both schools also expect 5’s in three or more AP tests in “appropriate” subjects, and/or SAT Subject Tests in 3 “appropriate” subjects at 700 or better. Additionally, students applying to specific courses/majors may have to take a written exam or submit written work for evaluation.

NOTE: When completing the UCAS, students MUST list ALL AP and ACT/SAT scores

Applying to Oxford:

  1. Choose the major/course (
  2. Submit UCAS no later than October 10.
    • Which colleges within Oxford offer it? (
    • Are there entrance requirements? (Tests or Written Work).
    • Register for any required exams. Register early. The latest deadline is Oct. 15.
    • Are there written work requirements? (See
    • Late November: if the student is shortlisted, they will be invited to Oxford for an interview which occurs in the first two weeks of December.
    • Mid-January: students will be informed whether or not they are offered a place at Oxford and at which college.

Applying to Cambridge:

  1. Choose the major/course (
  2. Choose a college within Cambridge (
  3. Apply by October 10 via UCAS. In addition to UCAS, Cambridge requires the Cambridge Online Preliminary Application (COPA) which is found at:
  4. Submit the high school transcript with the application
  5. Once UCAS and COPA are submitted, two responses will occur:
    • An email directing the student to complete the Supplementary Application Questionnaire (SAQ)
    • The student will receive a COPA reference number
    • Completion and submission of the SAQ (the COPA reference number needs to be included)
    • Late November: shortlisted applicants will be invited for interviews, which occur in the first two weeks of December.
    • Mid-late January: applicants are informed about admission decisions.