Headmaster's Office

Chermak Jerome Headmaster 262-4419 Headmaster's Office chermak@nova.edu
Brennan Elizabeth Associate Head for Academic Affairs 262-4484 Headmaster's Office brennan@nova.edu
Stincer Giovanna Associate Head of External Relations 262-4435 Headmaster's Office gstincer@nova.edu
Vitale Noel Assistant to the Associate Head for Academic Affairs 262-4501 Headmaster's Office nv140@nova.edu Noel Vitale
Riling Virginia Assistant to the Headmaster 262-4419 Headmaster's Office vriling@nova.edu

Admissions & Marketing

Fazzio Lynne Director of Admissions and Marketing 262-4413 Admissions & Marketing lfazzio@nova.edu
Gonzalez Stacey Associate Director of Marketing and Communications 262-4452 Admissions & Marketing staceyg@nova.edu
Greenip Jamie Administrative Assistant 262-4506 Admissions & Marketing jgreenip@nova.edu Jamie Greenip
Boutron Ahysa Admissions Coordinator 262-4478 Admissions & Marketing boutron@nova.edu
Bellamy Rona Marketing Coordinator 262-4403 Admissions & Marketing rbellamy@nova.edu Rona Bellamy
Gonzalez Debbie Communications Coordinator 262-4446 Admissions & Marketing tilkin@nova.edu
Musso Allison Admissions Coordinator 262-4405 Admissions & Marketing amusso@nova.edu
Herrera Krysten Admissions Coordinator 262-4420 Admissions & Marketing kh612@nova.edu

Development Office

Kelrick Kiki Director of Parent and Alumni Relations 262-4483 Development Office kelrick@nova.edu
Avellanet Wynne Director of Development 262-4524 Development Office wynnea@nova.edu

Business Office

Biardzki Malgorzata Accounting Supervisor 262-4507 Business Office biardzki@nova.edu
Fournier Marta Director of Business Operations 262-4407 Business Office fournier@nova.edu
Habib Vicky Accounting Specialist 262-4487 Business Office vschwart@nova.edu
Ibrahim Pam Accounts Payable Coordinator 262-4561 Business Office pibrahim@nova.edu
Soufleris Mary Accounting Specialist 262-4487 Business Office ms2811@nova.edu


Augustin Israel Computer Support Specialist Technology
Brewster Brandon Computer Support Specialist Technology
Cox Desmond Computer Support Specialist Technology Desmond Cox
Newman Sherry Director 262-4476 Technology newmans@nova.edu
Parker Lawrence Systems Administrator 262-4560 Technology lp939@nova.edu
Rhoden Kristal Admin Assistant II 262-4527 Technology kr648@nova.edu Kristal Rhoden
Sill Peter Computer Support Specialist Technology
Williams Christopher Associate Director 262-4450 Technology cwilliams@nova.edu Christopher Williams


Cook Jenny Director of the Arts 262-4402 Arts jenncook@nova.edu
Pilaski Betty Programming Coordinator,
Arts/Epstein Center
262-4493 Arts pilaski@nova.edu
Dominique Daniel Associate Director of the Arts 262-4496 Arts dd876@nova.edu
Forman BJ Technical Director 262-4454 Arts bforman@nova.edu
Odom John Theatre Technician Arts jodom1@nova.edu
Odom Mary Lu Administrative Assistant 262-4468 Arts mlodom@nova.edu
Ader Stephanie Art Institute Assistant 262-4494    
Brody Shirley Receptionist 262-4490 Arts sbrody@nova.edu Shirley Brody


Herfurth Paul Athletic Director 262-4485 Athletics ph483@nova.edu
Preston Donnie Middle School Athletic Director 262-4471 Athletics prestond@nova.edu
Harris Brandon Director of Inclusion and Special College Placement Athletics bharris@nova.edu
Hill Roxanne Financial Operations 262-4455 Athletics roxhill@nova.edu
Casero Jonathan Athletic Trainer Athletics jcasero@nova.edu
Rovetto Daniel Associate Athletic Director Athletics drovetto@nova.edu
Shelton Brittany Athletics Assistant 262-4463 Athletics bshelton@nova.edu

College Counseling

Marcus Randi Director of College Counseling 262-4532 College Counseling marcusra@nova.edu
Harris Brandon Director of Inclusion and Special College Placement College Counseling bharris@nova.edu
Levy Mieca Assistant Director 262-4406 College Counseling kinsbrun@nova.edu
Weinstein Judy Assistant to the Director of College Counseling 262-4410 College Counseling judywein@nova.edu
Marks Kim Counselor 262-4425 College Counseling marksk@nova.edu
Snyder Josh Counselor 262-4440 College Counseling snyderjo@nova.edu

Summer Programs

Bezianis Lara Assistant to the Director 262-4528 Summer Programs lb1039@nova.edu
DeLaFuente Cory Lower School Summer Scholars 262-4457 Lower School Administration delafuen@nova.edu
Kopas William Upper School Summer Scholars 262-4443 Upper School Administration wk128@nova.edu
Payton Jeannette Camp Nova Early Childhood Coordinator Lower School Faculty jpayton@nova.edu Nova Southeastern University, MS
Poland Donna Middle School Summer Scholars 262-4462 Middle School Administration donnpola@nova.edu
Rostanzo Bryon Director of Summer and Extended Programs 262-4521 br542@nova.edu
Whitaker Kim Camp Nova Director

Lower School Administration

Carswell Adam Director Lower School Administration acarswel@nova.edu
Chancey Lisa Associate Director 262-4417 Lower School Administration lchancey@nova.edu
DeLaFuente Cory Associate Director 262-4457 Lower School Administration delafuen@nova.edu
Pilelsky-Levine Rhoda Associate Director 262-4504 Lower School Administration pilelsky@nova.edu
Mendelson Robin Program Coordinator 262-4523 Lower School Administration rmendel@nova.edu
Nelson June Nurse 262-4515 Lower School Administration nelsonj@nova.edu
Reyes Mindy Receptionist 262-4500 Receptionist & Administrative Assistant minreyes@nova.edu
Santiago Ana Assistant to the Director 262-4509 Lower School Administration as1425@nova.edu
Weinstock Lindsay Guidance Counselor 262-4565 Lower School Administration lw707@nova.edu
Womack David Guidance Counselor 262-4565 Lower School Administration dwomack@nova.edu

Lower School Faculty

Amador Anabel Lower School Faculty aa315@nova.edu
Amster Joele Lower School Faculty joele@nova.edu
Anthony Amber Lower School Faculty aa1442@nova.edu Amber Anthony
Ast Marlene Lower School Faculty marleast@nova.edu
Balber Terri Lower School Faculty tbalber@nova.edu
Barberio Kathy Pre-K Team Leader Lower School Faculty barberio@nova.edu Nova Southeastern University, MS
Barnes Carolyn Science Facilitator Lower School Faculty cabarnes@nova.edu Nova Southeastern University, MS
Bartels Stefanie Lower School Faculty bstefani@nova.edu Nova Southeastern University, MS
Benevento Kristen Lower School Faculty kbrower@nova.edu Nova Southeastern University, MS
Bolasini Lauren Lower School Faculty bolasini@nova.edu
Bolinger Melinda Lower School Faculty mbolinge@nova.edu Nova Southeastern University, MA
Bowden Scott Lower School Faculty bowden@nova.edu
Cantor Nancy Media Center Team Leader Lower School Faculty bcantor@nova.edu Nova Southeastern University, MS
Card Judith Third Grade Team Leader Lower School Faculty cardj@nova.edu Nova Southeastern University, MS
Chavez Tanya Lower School Faculty tc654@nova.edu Queens College, MS
Coe Brittney AIP Team Leader Lower School Faculty bcoe@nova.edu Nova Southeastern University, MS
Corbyons Richard Lower School Faculty corbyone@nova.edu
Cordero Carmen Lower School Faculty ccordero1@nova.edu
Curiel Grace Lower School Faculty gcuriel@nova.edu Grace Curiel
DeMaria Fanya Lower School Faculty demariaf@nova.edu Nova Southeastern University, MS
Dickey Shannon Lower School Faculty sdickey@nova.edu
Dolberg Alison   Lower School Faculty dolberga@nova.edu Nova Southeastern University, M.Ed
Dyer Kim Kindergarten Team Leader Lower School Faculty kimdyer@nova.edu Nova Southeastern University, MS
Etra Elyse Environmental Science Team Leader
Specials Team Leader
Lower School Faculty etrae@nova.edu Hofstra University, MA
Finn Kristina Lower School Faculty finnedwa@nova.edu Nova Southeastern University, MS
Gilbert Andrew Lower School Faculty ag1106@nova.edu
Gill Debi Music Coordinator Lower School Faculty debigill@nova.edu Carthage College, B.S.
Greenbarg-Albright Eve Lower School Faculty greev01@nova.edu
Haglund Elizabeth Lower School Faculty ehaglund@nova.edu
Heller Rachel Lower School Faculty rheller@nova.edu University of Florida, M.Ed
Hindelang Sherry Lower School Faculty hindelan@nova.edu Nova Southeastern University, MS
Iovino Barbara Lower School Faculty colonnai@nova.edu Clarion University of Pennsylvania, B.S.
Jacoby Debra Digital Learning Coordinator Lower School Faculty dj263@nova.edu Nova Southeastern University, J.D.
Kahn Debbie Lower School Faculty dkahn@nova.edu University of Florida, M.Ed
Kasdagly Susan Lower School Faculty kasdagly@nova.edu
Kaufman Nicole Lower School Faculty nkaufman@nova.edu
Koltun Kimberly Second Grade Team Leader Lower School Faculty kepstein@nova.edu
Kopas Robin Lower School Faculty rk484@nova.edu
Krammer Priscilla Lower School Faculty krapr01@nova.edu Priscilla Krammer
Kuhn Christopher Lower School Faculty ckuhn@nova.edu Hofstra University, M.S. Christopher Kuhn
Leff Kimberly Lower School Faculty kleff@nova.edu
Lieberman Kimberly R Lower School Faculty klieberman@nova.edu Kim Lieberman
Mas Jenine Lower School Faculty js2505@nova.edu
Mehaffey Heidi Lower School Faculty sheidi@nova.edu
Mills Allison Lower School Faculty amills@nova.edu
Moreno Jonathan Lower School Faculty jm2149@nova.edu City College of New York, M.Ed
Nolte Tiffany Lower School Faculty th480@nova.edu
Olivieri Shallie Lower School Faculty olish01@nova.edu
Pasternak Keren Lower School Faculty pkeren@nova.edu
Patterson Adrianne ap1140@nova.edu
Payton Jeannette Early Childhood Coordinator Lower School Faculty jpayton@nova.edu Nova Southeastern University, MS
Propos Janet Lower School Faculty jpropos@nova.edu Misericordia University, B.S.
Puglisi Martha Kelly Lower School Faculty puglisi@nova.edu Nova Southeastern University, MA
Reid-Smith Jessica Lower School Faculty reidsmit@nova.edu
Robbins Jeffrey Lower School Faculty jrobbins@nova.edu
Rodriguez Ana First Grade Team Leader Lower School Faculty rodr@nova.edu Nova Southeastern University, MS
Rothstein Claudia Lower School Faculty crothste@nova.edu Nova Southeastern University, M.Ed.
Scheffing Penny Lower School Faculty scheffin@nova.edu Florida International University, MS
Severson Megan Lower School Faculty severson@nova.edu
Silverman Denise Lower School Faculty ds2139@nova.edu
Sherman Suzanne Lower School Faculty suzasher@nova.edu Nova Southeastern University, B.S.
Sinai Cyd Lower School Faculty cs1499@nova.edu University of Florida, B.S.
Singer Karin Lower School Faculty klsinger@nova.edu Dowling College, M.S. Karin Singer
Skaff Katyna Lower School Faculty katyna@nova.edu
Sontag Donna Lower School Faculty sontag@nova.edu Nova Southeastern University, MS
Sterne Laurian Lower School Faculty ls1376@nova.edu
Stewart Tiffany Lower School Faculty gondek@nova.edu Nova Southeastern University, MS
Stolpe-Yanes Pat Lower School Faculty stolyane@nova.edu Kean College, MS
Nova Southeastern University, M.S.
Sweitzer Erica Lower School Faculty esweitzer@nova.edu Boston University, M.Ed Erica Sweitzer
Tabatchnick Lisa Lower School Faculty tabatchn@nova.edu Nova Southeastern University, MS
Taylor Savita Lower School Faculty taysa01@nova.edu Pace University, MA
Walters Adrian Lower School Faculty adriwalt@nova.edu
Ward Elizabeth Lower School Faculty warel01@nova.edu Indiana University, B.A.
Waterman Andrea Lower School Faculty awaterma@nova.edu Andrea Waterman

Middle School Administration

Poland Donna School Director 262-4462 Middle School Administration donnpola@nova.edu
Chin Raquel Associate Director 262-4439 Middle School Administration chinr@nova.edu
Marten Stephen Associate Director 262-4428 Middle School Administration martens@nova.edu
Ossorio Melinda Director of Student Academic Support Services 262-3972 Middle School Administration mo362@nova.edu
Leveillee Tracy Administrative Assistant I 262-4482 Middle School Administration levtr01@nova.edu
Sirvent Amy Administrative Assistant 262-4469 Middle School Administration as1692@nova.edu
Greenberg Lisa School Nurse 262-4442 Middle School Administration lg722@nova.edu
Gillman Stefanie Guidance Counselor 262-4432 Middle School Administration sgillman@nova.edu
Curiel Sarah Middle School Receptionist 262-4444 Middle School Administration sc1282@nova.edu Sarah Curiel

Middle School Faculty

Azor Nadine Middle School Faculty nazor@nova.edu  
Banks Zachary Middle School Faculty zbanks@nova.edu Florida State University, MS
Barrow Scott Middle School Faculty scotbarr@nova.edu Nova Southeastern University, M.Ed Scott Barrow
Baumgartner Anna Middle School Faculty ab818@nova.edu DePaul University, B.F.A
Nova Southeastern University, MA
Anna Baumgaertner
Blanco Olga Middle School Faculty oblanco@nova.edu Nova southeastern University, M.S.
Carnaggie Anthony Grade 8 Team Leader Middle School Faculty carnaggi@nova.edu Nova Southeastern University, Ed.D.
Carnaggie Lynn Middle School Faculty lb864@nova.edu Nova Southeastern University, MS
Chavez Carmen Middle School Faculty cchavez@nova.edu University of Virginia, Ph.D. Carmen Chavez
Conway Shawn Middle School Faculty sc1294@nova.edu Nova Southeastern University, M.Ed.
Glazer Jaimee Middle School Faculty glazer@nova.edu
Grauer Melissa Middle School Faculty mh1264@nova.edu Nova Southeastern University, M.S.
Gress Tom Middle School Faculty tomgress@nova.edu Edinboro University of Pennsylvania, BS
Hackshaw Fleurette Middle School Faculty flhack@nova.edu Florida Atlantic University, MAT
Harris Toni Middle School Faculty th550@nova.edu
Hiaasen Judy Middle School Faculty jh1410@nova.edu Nova Southeastern University, MS
Isakson Amanda Middle School Faculty aisakson@nova.edu Ball State University
Jackowitz Judie Middle School Faculty jackowit@nova.edu
Jia Hong Middle School Faculty hongjia@nova.edu Nova Southeastern University, MS
Kaplan Barbara Grade 6 Team Leader Middle School Faculty kaplbarb@nova.edu Nova Southeastern University, MA, Ed.D
Kelly Michael Middle School Faculty mk873@nova.edu American College of Education, M.Ed Michael Kelly
Koelner Eva Middle School Faculty koelner@nova.edu Nova Southeastern University, MS
Koelner Martha Middle School Faculty kmartha@nova.edu
Lambert Jane 7th Grade Team Leader Middle School Faculty lambjane@nova.edu University of Nebraska, BF.Ed
Nova Southeastern University, M.Ed
Levy Hillary Middle School Faculty hlevy@nova.edu Muhlenberg College, B.A.
Luque Daniel Middle School Faculty dluque@nova.edu
Malan Frederick Middle School Faculty malan@nova.edu
Meoli Anthony Middle School Faculty am1437@nova.edu Nova Southeastern University, M.Ed
Neifeld Aaron Middle School Faculty an321@nova.edu Aaron Neifeld
Nolla Carrisa Middle School Faculty cnolla@nova.edu   Aaron Neifeld
Placido Matthew Middle School Faculty mplacido@nova.edu Florida Atlantic University, B.A.
Preston Donnie Middle School Faculty prestond@nova.edu Nova Southeastern University, MS
Reiter Bonnie Middle School Faculty breiter@nova.edu
Roberts Judith Middle School Faculty judylrob@nova.edu Nova Southeastern University, Ph.D.
Samuels Lisa Middle School Faculty lsamuels@nova.edu Columbia University, MA
Schroeder Janet Middle School Faculty jschrod@nova.edu Ball State University
Smith Micaile Middle School Faculty brownsmi@nova.edu Nova Southeastern University, MS
Sobol Lori Middle School Faculty ls806@nova.edu
Stahl Jennifer Middle School Faculty jn185@nova.edu Nova Southeastern University, MS
Swerdlow Daniel Middle School Faculty swerdlow@nova.edu
Tolentino-Davidson Michelle Middle School Faculty mdavidso@nova.edu Florida International University, MS Michelle Tolentino-Davidson
Tyner Gabriel Middle School Faculty gtyner@nova.edu Gabriel Tyner
Vega Maria Middle School Faculty mvega1@nova.edu
Washington Toranika Middle School Faculty tw531@nova.edu Nova Southeastern University, MA
Wilgos Christopher Middle School Faculty cw788@nova.edu The University of the Arts, BFA
Zakaib Lauren Middle School Faculty lz126@nova.edu

Upper School Administration

Kopas William School Director 262-4443 Upper School Administration wk128@nova.edu
Harris Brandon Director of Inclusion and Special College Placement Upper School Administration bharris@nova.edu
Martin Karen Associate Director 262-4401 Upper School Administration kmartin@nova.edu
Kaiyal Robyn Associate Director 262-4431 Upper School Administration kaiyal@nova.edu
Ossorio Melinda Director of Student Academic Support Services 262-3972 Upper School Administration mo362@nova.edu
Marks Kim Counselor 262-4425 Upper School Administration marksk@nova.edu
Snyder Josh Counselor 262-4440 Upper School Administration snyderjo@nova.edu
Lever Ines School Nurse 262-4404 Upper School Administration ilever@nova.edu
Miranda Cheza Assistant to the Director and
Community Service Coordinator
262-4429 Upper School Administration miranda@nova.edu
Marcus Randi Director of College Counseling 262-4532 College Counseling marcusra@nova.edu
Levy Mieca Assistant Director 262-4406 College Counseling kinsbrun@nova.edu
Weinstein Judy Assistant to the Director of College Counseling 262-4410 College Counseling judywein@nova.edu
Byrnes Katie Guidance & College Counselor 262-4430 Guidance & College Counselor kb1010@nova.edu
White, Jr. Frank Attendance 262-4414 Upper School Administration fw40@nova.edu

Upper School Faculty

Adanto Robert J Upper School Faculty radanto@nova.edu New York University, MFA Robert Adanto
Albano Christopher Upper School Faculty calbano@nova.edu Hunter College of The City University of New York, M.Ed
Nova Southeastern University, Ed.D
Chris Albano
Arechabaleta Rafael Upper School Faculty arechaba@nova.edu Kharkov State University, MS
Ayvar Soralee Upper School Faculty sa703@nova.edu   Saralee Ayvar
Baldelomar Vladimir Upper School Faculty baldelom@nova.edu Barry University, Ph.D.
Barry Laura Upper School Faculty barryl@nova.edu Nova Southeastern University, M.Ed
Baumgaertner Anna Upper School Faculty ab818@nova.edu Nova Southeastern University, MA
Berkowitz Jeanne Upper School Faculty jberkowi@nova.edu Nova Southeastern University, MS
Bernard Florence Upper School Faculty mbernard1@nova.edu St Luke's School of Education, UK, PGCE (M.Ed) Florence Bernard
Boulos Michael Upper School Faculty mboulos@nova.edu Florida Atlantic University, MS
Cohen Melanie Upper School Faculty melacohe@nova.edu University of the Witwatersrand, B.F.A
Crawford Jaimie Upper School Faculty jcrawford@nova.edu Florida Atlantic University, M.Ed, MA Jaimie Crawford
Crawford Robert Upper School Faculty rcrawford@nova.edu University of Washington, JD
Del Signore Vincent Upper School Faculty vdelsign@nova.edu Florida Atlantic University, M.Ed.
DiBenedetto Marykate Upper School Faculty mdibened@nova.edu
Dibert Kevin Upper School Faculty dibert@nova.edu Nova Southeastern University, MS
Dominique Brooke Upper School Faculty bs732@nova.edu University of Florida, MAE
Dungan Ashley Upper School Faculty ad1211@nova.edu
Ellsley Tara Upper School Faculty ellsleyt@nova.edu Nova Southeastern University, Ed.D
Fleischer Scott Upper School Faculty sfleisch@nova.edu Nova Southeastern University, Ed.D
Frank Rachel Upper School Faculty rf548@nova.edu Emory University, M.Ed.
Freeman Stacey Upper School Faculty freemans@nova.edu
Gamoneda Martha Upper School Faculty mlund@nova.edu University of Florida, M.Ed
Glickman Jake Upper School Faculty glickman@nova.edu
Gordon Hannah Upper School Faculty hgordon@nova.edu University of Central Florida, B.S.
Gress Tom Upper School Faculty tomgress@nova.edu Edinboro University of Pennsylvania, BS
Grosz Evan Upper School Faculty grosz@nova.edu Florida Atlantic University, MA
Hale Gail Upper School Faculty gailhale@nova.edu
Harwood Ying Li Upper School Faculty yharwood@nova.edu
Hay Melissa Upper School Faculty mhay1@nova.edu Indiana University of PA, MA
Horbey Ann Marie Upper School Faculty ahorbey@nova.edu Notre Dame of Maryland University, MA Ann Marie Horbey
Horvitz Lori Upper School Faculty horvitz@nova.edu
Jackowitz Judie Upper School Faculty jackowit@nova.edu
Johnson Edwardo Upper School Faculty edwardoj@nova.edu Nova Southeastern University, MS
Johnson Jerry Upper School Faculty jerrjohn@nova.edu
Keniston Katherine Upper School Faculty kkeniston@nova.edu Kate Keniston
Koreman Robert Social Studies Department Chair Upper School Faculty koreman@nova.edu Dartmouth College, B.A.
Nova Southeastern University, MS
Lambert Jane Middle School Faculty lambjane@nova.edu University of Nebraska, BF.Ed
Nova Southeastern University, M.Ed
Lewis Denise Upper School Faculty dl670@nova.edu University of Phoenix, MAE
Marshall Ebony Upper School Faculty emarshall1@nova.edu University of Maryland Eastern Shore, BS
McGraw Dan Upper School Faculty mcgrawda@nova.edu Plattsburgh State University, MS
Miller Arnold Science Research Coordinator Upper School Faculty arnomill@nova.edu Brooklyn College, MS
Teachers College, MA
Miller Dale Upper School Faculty dalemill@nova.edu Nova Southeastern University, Ed.D.
Montero Carlos Science Department Chair Upper School Faculty cmonter1@nova.edu Pennsylvania State University, B.S.
Morris Minerva English Department Chair Upper School Faculty minerva@nova.edu University of Connecticut, MA
Muriello Brooke Upper School Faculty bm821@nova.edu Nazareth College, M.Ed
Munro Matthew Upper School Faculty mm2691@nova.edu
Musso Peter Upper School Faculty musso@nova.edu
Northrop Jan Upper School Faculty jn601@nova.edu
Osborn Iris Upper School Faculty oiris@nova.edu MIT-Sloan School, MS
Pinney Brooke Upper School Faculty bpinney@nova.edu Barry University, B.S.
Posner Kenneth Upper School Faculty kposner@nova.edu Florida Atlantic University, MA
Poulin Nicole Upper School Faculty npoulin@nova.edu Rhode Island College, B.A. Nicole Poulin
Ramirez Ana Cristina Ruiz World Languages Department Chair Upper School Faculty ar1275@nova.edu Universidad de Malaga, Harvard University
Redler Charlie Upper School Faculty redler@nova.edu Plattsburgh State University, MS
Samorian Patrick "PJ" Upper School Faculty psamoria@nova.edu
Shelton Brittany Upper School Faculty bshelton@nova.edu
Siev Brendy Upper School Faculty bsiev@nova.edu Barnard College, Columbia University, B.A. Brendy Siev
Smith Sharon Math Department Chair Upper School Faculty ssmith@nova.edu University of Miami, MS
Thatcher John (Mike) Upper School Faculty jt1226@nova.edu  
Thompson Stephen Upper School Faculty sthompson@nova.edu Brown University, Ph.D.
Vega Maria Middle School Faculty mvega1@nova.edu
Washington Toranika Upper School Faculty tw531@nova.edu Nova Southeastern University, MA
Weidenboerner Erik Upper School Faculty ew409@nova.edu
Wilgos Christopher Arts Department Chair Middle School Faculty cw788@nova.edu The University of the Arts, BFA
Zalkin Rebecca Upper School Faculty rkerr@nova.edu Nova Southeastern University, M.S.