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Each student's support plan is tailored to meet his or her unique needs. For more information, please callĀ (954) 262-4506.

Student Academic Success Services (SASS)

Academic Success Coaching Program

The purpose of NSU University School’s Academic Success Coaching Program is to extend SASS services to students, in grades 6-12, who may benefit from an abbreviated, shorter term (one semester) delivery of services currently offered by the Student Academic Support Services (SASS) department.

The program is designed to assist students who are not achieving academic success due to their lack of time management and organizational skills. These may be students who are not turning assignments in on time, not fully utilizing the formative process, and/or lack an organized system to manage materials. These students may not require the full realm of services of a traditional “SASS student” because they are able to maintain satisfactory grades and achieve consistent mastery on formative assessments; however, performance is not commensurate with academic potential. The goal of this program is to provide students, not performing to their academic potential due to a deficiency in executive function skills, with short term (one semester) support to address their deficiencies in order to reach their academic potentials.

Teachers and/or parents can request services through their child’s guidance counselor.

A SASS teacher will be assigned to a student. They will meet with the student during an agreed upon time (before/after school, lunch or break) approximately 10 minutes each school day.

SASS Teachers will:

  1. Create a Personal Learning Plan (PLP) for each student by setting goals and devising an action plan based upon individual student needs.
  2. Monitor student progress towards goals.
  3. Assist students with monitoring My Backpack for missing assignments and assignments completed but not mastered, on a daily basis.
  4. Maintain communication with parents with regard to student progress and needs.
  5. Teach organization and time management strategies.

Teachers will not:

  1. Re-teach content material.
  2. Collaborate with classroom teachers to address student needs.
  3. Monitor accommodations.
  4. Provide in-class support.
  5. Teach the full range of executive skills offered in the traditional SASS program.

Term of enrollment will be one semester. If students require additional support after one semester, they will be referred for enrollment in the full time SASS program.

The cost of this program is $500.