Curriculum Overview

Education should find the best in a child. Whatever their strengths—artistic talent, scientific prowess, leadership skills—students need the right balance of guidance and freedom to nurture these abilities. At NSU University School, our students find the teachers to inspire them. They find the room to explore possibilities open to them. They find the independence and confidence to achieve. And, above all, they find what is best in them.

  • Lower School
  • Middle School
  • Upper School

Student WritingWhen families begin their relationship with NSU University School in the Lower School, the experience is almost always a defining moment for every family member. Parents watch as the child who has been fascinated by puzzles and crayons now plays with the building blocks of learning, exploring the fundamental concepts of language, math, art, science, and technology. The exposure to these various disciplines is an exhilarating experience for a young child and a solid first step toward a lifelong journey of learning.

Based on the premise that all students possess unique learning profiles that enable them to learn in different ways, the Lower School curriculum is presented in a differentiated format. Teachers personalize grade level curriculums to meet the acquired skills, rate of acquisition, abilities, and interest levels of students Junior Kindergarten through grade five. Students are encouraged to create their own independent learning environments within each child-centered, teacher-facilitated classroom. In addition, parents are encouraged to share their child’s educational experiences by participating in curriculum-based classroom activities and events.


Student wring in class

Whether transitioning a student from the classrooms of the Lower School or enrolling a child for the first time, the Middle School experience at NSU University School is unique. The curriculum is rigorous, but with the flexibility to allow students to explore the disciplines and discover their academic interests and talents. We give students the opportunity to challenge themselves and are committed to helping them develop solid study habits and organizational skills. The Middle School is a thriving community of learners in which teachers and students create a dynamic environment filled with inquiry and discovery. The changes that occur during the Middle School years set the foundation for future success in school as well as for long-term responsible citizenship.

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NSU University School’s Upper School curriculum is entirely college preparatory. Our rigorous academic program exceeds state graduation requirements and focuses on student needs and individual growth. All courses stretch students to engage in global learning, enhance critical thinking skills, deepen their understanding of course material, and prepare them to perform at a superior level in the academic world of college.

NSU University School’s connection with Nova Southeastern University, Florida’s largest private university, serves as an added educational benefit for our students. This unique affiliation provides students and faculty members with exceptional academic opportunities and access to resources for undergraduate and graduate-level programs in law, oceanography, the health professions, education, and business—among other subject areas. In addition to courses offered, qualified students may participate in mentorship and internship programs where they can learn firsthand about various careers and take part in research endeavors. In addition, NSU University School students use NSU’s Alvin Sherman Library, Research, and Information Technology Center, located on the main campus. This library’s 325,000 square feet of space and capacity for 1.4 million volumes affords NSU University School students unparalleled research opportunities.