Male student writingAt NSU University School, our teachers find the style of learning that works best for each student, tapping into an unlimited enthusiasm for discovery. So, rather than require students to conform to one traditional format, we apply innovative approaches to the curriculum to reach every learner. Students master the material, but they’re able to master it in the best way for them, whether that’s through listening, reading, or doing. This focus on classroom innovation pays off – with inspired students and outstanding results.

Active learning is also encouraged at NSU University School. Our students become participants in their own education. At all ages, our students find opportunities in the classroom to explore different roles, and discover where their talents lie. They work through ideas and concepts, learn to formulate questions, and see how information in textbooks, lectures, and internet resources applies to the world around them. This kind of engaged learning produces students who not only understand what they're studying, but understand why they're studying it.